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Message to colleagues who worked in stores in East Devon

This is a special message for colleagues working in stores in East Devon from Marilyn Adhamy of East Devon District Council:

I am emailing you with contact details and information about our organisation so that you can link this to your corporate website in order to assist staff who may be facing redundancy.  

East Devon District Council,

Housing and Council Tax Benefit Section, The Knowle, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 8HL.  Tel: 01395 517446/01395 516551.

Email: benefits@eastdevon.gov.uk  Website:  www.eastdevon.gov.uk

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit are national benefit schemes run by local Councils to help people who are on low incomes or unemployed.  Housing Benefit helps to pay rent and Council Tax Benefit helps with the Council Tax bill. 

Who can apply for Housing Benefit? 

Anyone who rents their home from a private landlord, the Council or a Housing Association.

Who can apply for Council Tax Benefit?

Anyone who is responsible for paying Council Tax on their home.  This means the person (or their partner) whose name is on the council tax bill.

For further information or assistance in making a claim for either/both benefits please contact East Devon District Council.

As stated previously I am more than happy to hold a Benefit Advice session at any of your East Devon stores, or in other town centre locations – possibly involving the Pension Service if you wish  – in order to provide advice and assistance to any staff worried by their uncertain future.


Marilyn Adhamy
Claimant Advisor
East Devon District Council
01395 516551 ext. 2586