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This is a special message for Managers working in Scotland from Colette McGaughrin about Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE) who will be contacting you and offering to deliver sessions for your teams. (This may already have happened for some stores.)

In Scotland: PACE - Partnership Action for Continuing Employment- is a Scottish Government initiative for partnership working which ensures local public sector agencies deal with potential/proposed large-scale redundancies quickly and effectively.

Key Aim?

  • To get people made redundant into alternative employment or training as quickly as possible

What does it mean in practice?

  • Local delivery teams
  • Provides a coherent and consistent approach across Scotland.

How does it work?

  • 23 local response team set-up across Scotland. Members include Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Enterprise , Jobcentre Plus, local authorities. Other agencies co-opted as required :e.g. Careers Scotland, HM Revenue & Customs, trade unions.
  • Contingency plans developed locally and adapted quickly to suit particular situations.

Support Offered?

Support will be tailored to individual needs and circumstances, will include:

  • Financial advice and support - benefits advice, welfare rights, money advice, debt counselling.
  • Redeployment support - job search and matching, vocational guidance, identify needs to meet job availability.
  • Self employment opportunities - small business start-up support via Business Gateway.

Local Information
To access information for your local area please click on the link below. This will give you information of partners who can help get you back to work quickly.